Reflections on the “American Hymns” acoustic video.

I had a wonderful moment this year where I opened my eyes and realized I’ve been given some lifelong creative partnerships that the more I reflect on, the more sacred they become to me.  You can’t force or fake them or shortcut the trust they require, and time is the only real indicator of their strength. 

When I watch this video, what I treasure most aside from the music, are the relationships I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with over the years, and that’s what I’m most thankful for. 

I’m fortunate enough to have known Cara Robbins and have worked with her since we were both teenagers. Claudio Cueni, who recorded and mixed the audio, I’ve known and worked with since I was 17.  Emily Candaux, the cellist, illuminated my life in college.

While to an outside eye, the video is just a live acoustic performance, to me, it was a chance to spend the day with 3 people who have ultimately changed my life for the better, who’s faith and trust in each other is synergistic, and that experience was just entirely soul filling. These 3 always have an open room, with a cookie on the pillow, in the hotel that is my heart.

I’m proud of Cara for courageously saying yes to make this video because it was her first dip into the medium, and there wasn’t a single second I doubted she wouldn’t knock it out of the park.

Directed / Shot - Cara Robbins

Cello – Emily Candaux

Recorded / Mixed Claudio Cueni

Kyle Nicolai