5 Things I Do When I’m Depressed.

1. Force myself to exercise, do yoga, run, etc. Idea is that a physical state change will change your emotional state. Key word being force.

2. Find 3 things to be thankful for; one person, one small thing (I have a tongue to taste tea), & & one other thing. (Anything) I also make a small list of things I’ve done right today or this week. Idea is, when you’re truly grateful there’s no room for fear (Tony Robbins)

3. Give; be a light to others. If I don’t feel happy, I’ll try to make someone else happy. A smile even works. Idea is, If you want something you have to be willing to give it away at first.

4. Be kind to myself, practice self love, lovingkindness. It’s ok to have bad days, weeks, or even months. We have different seasons of life. You’re allowed to be sad some days. It’s ok. Go see a movie, and be nice to yourself.

5. Give it up to something greater. If I’m afraid or anxious it’s cos I’m relying on my humanity to get me through, instead of trusting there’s an god / creator / whatever the fuck you want to call it who is infinite in love, creativity, & possibilities for your life, & genuinely wants the best for you.

I felt compelled to write this. I hope it helps. DM me for book recommendations. 🌹

Kyle Nicolai