Daily Routine

Hitting the studio in July to finish 6 songs, & thought I’d share what I’m doing daily to prepare.

-morning pages (wake up & fill 3 pages in a journal no matter what)
-10 min of object writing
-35 min vocal warmup
-sing the 6 songs I’m recording 5x a day
-finish as many new songs as I can, & out-write the material I already have
-2 vocal lessons w/ Katy Riggs
-write 5 vocal melodies a day
-write 5 guitar ideas a day
-fill 3 pages of lyrics a day
-read everyday
Transcendental Meditation 
-record as much as I possibly can in SB
-do these everyday no matter how I feel, then get the fuck out of my own way
Musicians are the only people who don’t talk about their process. Comedians do, athletes do, but musicians are still veiled in fucking secrecy. I’m just trying to document the journey. 

Kyle Nicolai