Post-Tour Depression

Post-Tour Depression is a very real thing that is seldom talked about. Almost instantly, you go from being a pirate—beloved and heroic, crossing America in an “On The Road” Keouracian style with purpose, yet reckless abandon—to total stasis—tired, numb, alone, hunched over, folding clean socks into a drawer in your room, wondering if any of it was real. 
First tour I went on, I was wrecked for a month. Next tour, it was a few weeks, then days. When I came home this past Sunday it was the first time I was actually happy to be home, excited to see people I love and the community here. Maybe things in life never get easier, but just the way we see them, approach them, and make meaning out of them do.

Anyway, I’m content to just be able to sit, and play one of my favorite songs on guitar, “Ten Years Gone” by Led Zeppelin.

I’m recording “LA” today, and starting an acoustic EP.

Kyle Nicolai