"Space Between Us"

I read somewhere that every single species on the planet takes its time to bloom and run its natural course, except for humans. We are the only species on the planet who want to rush the organic process, find short cuts and life hack everything so we can be faster, stronger, richer, and better. What we lose in that mindset is trusting, and enjoying the process, but more importantly, when we think like this, we just wholly piss away the present moment.

 We don’t trust that we will grow in our own unique time, and we compare our start with another person’s finish. A budding rose doesn’t look over at other roses with jealously that a flower in the next row over has already blossomed. They just reach toward the sun, and feel warmth

I love recording music because you never can guess or force the path a song will take, but merely surrender and follow it. “Space Between Us” is a song I wrote in 2011, about being torn apart from someone you love. I cut basics for in 2012, (before Beware of Darkness was even a thing), it then made the short list for both BOD albums, but always was forgotten. I finished a version for Sanctuary Season, got it mixed and mastered, but then the hard drive was destroyed and it was forever lost. Finally this year, after life settled down, I realized I had so much material that just fell through the cracks, I decided to sort through everything to find the songs that stood the test of time that I truly loved, in hopes of finishing and releasing them. “Space Between Us” was the first on that list.

I re-cut it this year & in a clichéd, almost “hindsight is 20-20” way, I finally had the production technique, and vision to know how to finish it. I, like the song, needed to run my own unique course, in order to even understand how to finish it. It’s an almost like, vapid, example that screaming at a rose won’t make it bloom any faster. The song process ran it’s course, and now it finally finds its way to you. 

 The song starts w/ vocals in 2012 & ends w/ vocals I cut last month. It’s two completely different people singing on this track. One who sang with pain and isolation in a moment now eternally frozen, and one who has been come up from the other side, years later, weathered, wary, but grateful for the process. 

Kyle Nicolai